The Ginger People Chewy Candy! ✌🏽️

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I’ve not posted on this blog for ages but hopefully all my content improves from today.

Basically I don’t know if any of you have tried these amazing chewy ginger candy sweets but ‘omg’ they’re amazing! 

At first I almost broke my fragile teeth as I tried biting these but they’re designed to chew ‘obvs’.

I find them really strong flavoured for such tiny sweets and they’re not to everyone’s liking but I think this company is great and the green packaging is quite chic right? 

Mum actually got me these a few weeks ago after I told her I’m addicted to them ‘Lolz’ and shout out her on this sunny Mothering Sunday.

I am sat here writing typing overthinking to say the least and wish I knew what I was supposed to be doing today and have a purpose and I’m sure most of or lots of people my age are being productive but I’m honestly trying however I’ll probably explain all that on another post and/or video form over on my YouTube channel which if you haven’t already done so may want to check out. I talk really raw open honest unedited real etc!

I try to make myself and others feel better with my posts and I hope this one is pleasant and might inspire you to perhaps try out a new sweet/candy flavour!

Anyway hope you enjoyed this post and let me know what other kind of posts you enjoy and even though I’m an unpaid daily Internet user with no employment and out of education I’ll be happy to provide preferred content to an extent for my loyal readers and subscribers!

Wherever you are in the world be awesome! 

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Hi! Thanks for stopping by on my post! Hope you’re well. Basically I want to find out if I am the only or rare one who feels like I am attached to technology and Internet and social media and browsing and sitting for hours every day taking in overload of often unnecessary information and feeling overwhelmed?! You might criticise for even bringing up this topic especially as I am using all of the above to even write this post but I’m trying to get clarity,ideas,understanding regarding overcoming the overwhelm and having a great balance each day so that I and many others can live productive,meaningful,happy lives. I hope this brief post makes sense and that you’ll share advice. Also if any of you would like me to do posts on specific topics then O would be happy. Being GeneralGrace you can expect me to have open mind regarding topics and using my unique plethora of accumulated knowledge,wisdom,experiences,skills,thoughts,challenges,practices,reading,researching,revising,improving,watching,listening,expressing,healing,writing, over the years I am somewhat a life pro! Lots of love. GeneralGrace 🙂 


    I hope this makes you laugh dear readers.Got a new iPhone as a surprise recently and even though I have been using Internet and computers and phones for more than 8 years I am still majorly clueless which is very upsetting trust me but here is a less angry fairly smiley comical image of me testing out the front camera.I am sure many of you use or know someone who uses the iPhone and if so would appreciate tips and advice and how to make the most of technology as time is ticking.I always write and type with correct punctuation however struggling to find the space key to do so.By the way am typing this very post on iPhone and guiltily leading multiple lives with all this secret internet procrastination and various accounts with pseudonyms etc. Enjoy.And Happy Friday.I can only hops that today be rewarding forever.Thanks.Grace. 👩🏽

How do I cope as an unpaid job seeker of more than 3 years?

Hello dear readers,job-seeker
First of all thank you for being on my radar and deciding to read a quick article about a very determined job seeker who has been extremely unlucky to say the least and has faced all the stigma and more even though I am not your stereoptypical UK benefit claimant who sits eating, drinking,smoking all day whatsoever and in fact can honestly say I ahev worked more than most basic employed people do alltheir life!This is not a negative or post psot but just something that might help others out there who may be struggling at the moment and need a little reminder they;re not alone however I am extremely angry even as I type this after yet another outburst of screaming, shouting, stressing, sabotaging, suffering, failing, praying etc amogst the of course constant applying, enquiring, phoning,emailing…in fatc this blog writing is actually a form of relaxation for me!
Just a quick background as to circumstances and my level of education and why i beleive formal employment is so important particularly for myself and for the meantime and future.
I am 20, was born and raised and still live in Lancashire UK and have never ventured or lived elsewhere and never been on a holiday or anything like that.Yes I do still rely on my parents but I am not a couch potato or any negative stigma attached to people over 2 still lving at home in the slightest.
When I left school I was in a very further difficult situation as I did not get the grades I had studied hard for and deserved. I went to college in 2012 but left after wasting 7 months there and left with no qualifications what a waste. Keep in mind I’d been applyign for apprenticeships and entry level jobs since age 16 so the unpaid job seeking was still already goign on among my other mad hours of daily research which still have not been rewarded but I keep the faith.I went to another college in 2013 and though I just about finished the level 2 course there I can;t say it was an enjoyable experiecne whatsoever and I got further bullied and taunted and rejected and rejected and failed etc. Despite my hellish experiences I enrolled at that college again because I passed the course decently in terms of the grades and as you have to in order to get onto the next level 3 course but I enrolled on a media and then a science course which for several reasosn out fo my control including cursed bullying etc I was not able to sat and had to withdraw.
Also know that I have contactedm attended open events and personal interviews at other colleges further afield not to mentioned countless training providers but for several reasons could not go to those either.So at this more local city college I’d only completed a full year in, I went back in September 2015 I enrolled again aonto a differnt course in Health but for even worse reasons even though Imuch preferred being in the adult class as for the most part peopel were slightly kinder and less nasty even though all the ladies and gentlemen were mothers and fathers whether it be from a young age or they were much more mature students.
None of this may makes sense to those of you who’ve had a pretty smooth easy going transition from school to college to Uni if you’re based in UK/school to middle school to whatever the next step is in other countries I am not 100% sure.
I felt compelled to get some of my thougts out there in the simplest way I know how at the moment which is blogging although I’m thinkign of also somehow making, editing and uplaoding a youtube videos speaking about similar topis in near future.
You would not beleive how unlucky I have been and not to mention how much precious time, money,effort,petrol,stress,energy,sleep,light,electricity,internet,regret, anger, confusion, begging, hurtingpraying, crying, writing, deleting, saving, typing, journalling, bus fares, applying, enquiring, waiting, emailing, phoning, tweeting, facebooking, browsing,reading,enquiring,embarassing,persisting,fighting,meditating,knowing,networking, asking,attending, accepting, talking,suffering, enduring,braving, existing and everything has been a tragic waste.
I nonetheless despite my inexplicable reality always ry my best and practice the highest level of gratitude ever like no other I know because een though I rightly complain for the undeserved suffering I am ultimately a humble sould who appreciates and recognizes and is very conscientious of the abundance of blessings and therefore I feel it is my duty to multiple times every second of every minute of every hours of every day give the highest level of thanks to god/universe/life.
In case any of you are interested in my journey from about age 10 to now aged 20, so like a summarised diary of events over 10 years, then do let me know as I am a very habitual writer and journal a lot every dya ut rare;y do I share it with others. However blogging is about building a community and maybe by sharing my experiences in an honest and raw way I could not only help others to deal with their own lives better but also improve my own.
I have literally unintentionally spent majority of my days for over 7 years screaming,slamming,shouting,stressing,suffering,overthinking,
I suppose if there was to be a moral of this story it’d be do not give up no matter who you are. where you are, how you are.
Thanks again for taking the tiem out of your day to read my post/s.
Hope it helps you somehow!
Also I have created a new Twitter and Youtube Channel called GeneralGrace too and would appreciate of you guys would check it out and leave suggestions, advice, questions as well as like,comment,subscribe etc!
Lots of love

Garnier Micellar Water

image image


Not posted in a while so thought it was a good time for a product review!

This is the one of the only beauty products I’ve bought so far this year.I’m quite proud of myself & also this was also a few pennies cheaper than usual price at Superdrug (every little helps I suppose)!

First of all just letting you know that in my clumsiness I managed to drop the bottle, a few days after buying it, breaking the lid, which is annoying!

So this is the first micellar water I’ve used and so far I’m rather pleased. I basically just take it on a few cotton pads and wipe over my face. There is no unusual scent I have noticed but then again my sense of smell is not the strongest. It feels close to using plain water on the skin and I’ve found it doesn’t irritate my sensitive complexion much. It removes a decent amount of makeup from the face but I definitely wouldn’t say it’s just one step to cleansed skin without repeating the steps!

As with any other makeup removing solutions, I do feel the need to go back with multiple cotton pads and/or wipes followed by a final cleanse with a facial wash and water and muslin cloth.Of course everyone has different skincare regimes so absolutely no criticism to people who are limited on time and want to just use the solution. I was slightly behind on the bandwagon of using micellar waters but I’m so glad I tried this popular one from Garnier. Overall I actually enjoy using this product because it for the most part does what it claims and is easy to use and it’s suitable for skins that are sensitive which is always helpful!

Also when I was in the shop getting this I noticed another Garnier Micellar Water in a blue themed bottle with pretty much the same claims and size & shape of packaging!After much deliberation I just went for this original one! I wonder if any of you guys have spotted and purchased the blue version and if you have used it what are your opinions of it?!

Overall I actually enjoy using this product because it for the most part does what it claims and is easy to use and it’s suitable for skins that are sensitive!

I know so many people have used this product from watching youtube videos to reading reviews etc but what are your thoughts? Do you know of any similar products within this price range? Is it perhaps even a holy grail product for you?!Let me know!

Thanks so much for reading!

GeneralGrace 🙂


I never intended for my blog to be all sporadic and spontaneous and stupid,especially being someone who obsesses over organization – but it is what it is so here is another in the moment post.

It’s been another really awful day to say the least and yet again I’m wondering why I’m idiotically fighting on even though I’m being attacked from every angle possible.

The shouting,slamming, screaming stressing, suffering,non stop talking, damaging,crying, breakdowns,fear,praying,nightmares, ocd, anxiety, depression, insomnia, unexplainable health conditions, curses, etc is something I’ve never written about in detail in my posts because it’s beyond complicated and I doubt anyone would understand so again in this post I’m focusing on just one of the plethora of issues I face on a daily basis and very unfortunately is getting worse.

I hate myself(a real understatement) most of all for being a burden to the three innocent members of my family who I love yet hurt unintentionally in the worst possible ways.

The embarrassment of still existing despite my failures is unbearable yet a tiny part of me tells me to be proud(what for I don’t know).

Applying for jobs isn’t getting any better. When I went to hand in a finalized application and supporting documents in store today I was told by a girl on the counter that the vacancy had apparently closed! Now trust me I’m used to everyday disappointments but this was particularly annoying because the specific website for this applicants for this role stated a much later deadline to today!Also I had 3 application forms(6 pages each x 3) printed because despite practicing on rough paper first I somehow managed to mess up more than once on the actual forms. That much ink is not cheap.The final one was fine. So after checking it through multiple times I sealed it into the envelope and addressed it to the store manager. I set off in decent time before closing hours today to enable me to hand in the envelope at less busier times.It would’ve been OK if it was worth it but what waste.Again.When I went after (an already awful day) and this happened and I was and am gutted but as usual I have to trust God and the Universe that everything happens for the best and blah-blah-blah.

When you’re already suffering more than enough and one thing on top of others keeps plaguing it’s difficult knowing what to.

I wish I could pursue an ambition I’m actually interested in and could definitely succeed in but life is cruel.

I’ve lost my already wonky train of thought so I’ll leave it here.

By the way,this definitely isn’t among the worst that happens to me so don’t get me wrong and do acknowledge that I know real suffering.

How much more must I be patient and not give up?

I deserve miracles and answers and solutions etc.

Believe it or not this post took me a long time to write so I hope at least someone reads it – If you do read it, think you can relate, or help then thanks truly!