Check out my YouTube Channel…General Grace 👋🏽

Hi guys I hope you’re all well!

Basically in case you don’t already know which is most likely as I hardly have any like comments subscribers yet but recently Zo created yet another you tube channel yet this time I actually do upload videos rather than just using to like comment subscribe to other people’s videos.

I’ve been using the Internet extremely daily  thoroughly madly secretly unproductively gratefully for more than 10 years at least and that includes regular daily probably too much secret hiding watching listening of millions of YouTube videos.

It’s way about or past time that I started uploading my own content but don’t expect the usual perfected type of videos that most Youtubers present. 

Although I’ve researched into how to edit and create and upload etc the truth is I’m still clueless which is one of main reasons I don’t edit my videos whatsoever but this doesn’t mean they don’t take time effirt patience and a great intention.

I talk or perhaps sometimes even sing about anything and everything to an extent therefore no particular theme just like my blog and my Twitter and my other secret social media accounts and my life in general! 

I could go on and on and on and quite honestly have had to force myself to cut out many paragraphs from the original version of this post because I think busy readers appreciate more simplicity.

The topics I discuss can be anything from beauty to spirituality to books to reviews to depression to anxiety to employment to Hinduism to spirituality etc.

You might mistake my not having a certain schedule as to days and times of my blogs and blogs but actually it’s because I think the spontaneity is what will keep my unique platforms interesting. 

I’m trying my best each day to be more productive and better at time management and quicker including the typing of this short post and also because it’s all secretive from my family and friends who to my knowledge are not aware of my anonymous blogs blogs accounts etc.

I don’t get paid money whatsoever for any of my content just a disclaimer there in case you’re wondering why I’m very consistent on uploading but despite my untypical life including the thoughts memories feelings experiences theories etc I’m probably just a tiny irrelevant  speck in this universe and using technology to share unique content from my own perspective is genuinely it’s a way for me to put something good into the world I think. 

Really hoping you all kindly check out my what I I try to emit as meaningful creations and do beckon enough to suggest tag and q&a ideas and also show me support by liking commenting subscribing etc.

Lots of love  and gratitude 
Your spiritual friend
General Grace


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