The Ginger People Chewy Candy! ✌🏽️

   Hello dear readers!

Thanks for stopping by! hope you’re well and if not then know you’re not alone! 🙋🏽

I’ve not posted on this blog for ages but hopefully all my content improves from today.

Basically I don’t know if any of you have tried these amazing chewy ginger candy sweets but ‘omg’ they’re amazing! 

At first I almost broke my fragile teeth as I tried biting these but they’re designed to chew ‘obvs’.

I find them really strong flavoured for such tiny sweets and they’re not to everyone’s liking but I think this company is great and the green packaging is quite chic right? 

Mum actually got me these a few weeks ago after I told her I’m addicted to them ‘Lolz’ and shout out her on this sunny Mothering Sunday.

I am sat here writing typing overthinking to say the least and wish I knew what I was supposed to be doing today and have a purpose and I’m sure most of or lots of people my age are being productive but I’m honestly trying however I’ll probably explain all that on another post and/or video form over on my YouTube channel which if you haven’t already done so may want to check out. I talk really raw open honest unedited real etc!

I try to make myself and others feel better with my posts and I hope this one is pleasant and might inspire you to perhaps try out a new sweet/candy flavour!

Anyway hope you enjoyed this post and let me know what other kind of posts you enjoy and even though I’m an unpaid daily Internet user with no employment and out of education I’ll be happy to provide preferred content to an extent for my loyal readers and subscribers!

Wherever you are in the world be awesome! 

Lots of love

Your friend



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