Daily Makeup Routine!

  First of all I’m aware of spelling and grammar errors but unapologetic.

I have used a lot of makeup in the last 7 years alone everything and anything from the lesser known products to popular brands from drug store to high street to designer. Not a professional makeup artist with certificates and probably do everything wrong according to their standards but O love being creative and I suppose especially when using lots of various colours and shades and techniques, applying makeup to face is a form of art!

This combination pictures above is actually very minimised in comparison to usual concoction of unnecessary products I tend to use and believe it or not I still look extremely ugly which has led me to yet again try a no makeup challenge commencing from today. To be honest I look unfortunately very ugly either way but in the grand scheme of things there’s mor important things to focus on and worry about and being a constant wreck of the worst anxiety this is easy.

Anyway so a brief review of these particular products which some of you may have already used it be interested in purchasing in future.

As a self professed blogger I should also mention straight off the bat that’s do not get paid or sponsored for any of my reviews and have paid with own or parents money I should sa for all products mentioned at full price! On that note of companies did wish to pay me back for my lovely usually happy reviews then do get in touch with me immediately ! πŸ™πŸ½

After thoroughly cleansing toning and moisturising  my sensitive little brown face I go ahead and apply a serum but recently have been using a sample size of the Elizabeth Arden superstart which claims to be a great base to use before moisturiser and serum. Then I use my bare mineral original primer. Then I use my real techniques egg shaped miracle complexion sponge to apply my ex1 inviswear foundation in the 3rd shade which is quite a good match. The I use shade 5 of the touch eclat concealer/highlighter pen on any areas I feel it’s suitable. Rather than a setting powder I use Lilly Lolo’s mineral foundation in the shade Butterscoth which is a medium yellows tone. Then I use bare minerals mineral powder foundation as a bronzer/contour colour and end up looking seven shades darker than my natural skin colour. I’m not going to go into detail of the eye and lip colours because originally I was just going to do a bar makeup post but I though I’d add in a few more goodies for my readers. But you can see from the picture roughly the products I use.if you want to know what I think of individual products such as the bare minerals foundation and the YSL combo then I’ve done previous posts in detail on such products which may help you! 

I feel compelled to post among all my other weird actions since I’ve been sat here literally since six o clock, not moved much if at all,have no appetite for food or drink or even life to be honest, not going outside, too scared of people and things, don’t have a job ,don’t have a formal education,not making any income hopefully someone will soon pick up on my posts and I don’t know offer me some kind of salary but for the last 8 years I’ve been daily using Internet no one has ever paid me therefore I have to just continue fighting. You’re probably thinking what does all this have to do with makeup but trust me there’s a reason I called my most recent social media accounts including this one General Grace !
Hope you enjoyed and that I will somehow attract the right help support opportunities friends invites clarity peace etc into my life. 


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