Hi! Thanks for stopping by on my post! Hope you’re well. Basically I want to find out if I am the only or rare one who feels like I am attached to technology and Internet and social media and browsing and sitting for hours every day taking in overload of often unnecessary information and feeling overwhelmed?! You might criticise for even bringing up this topic especially as I am using all of the above to even write this post but I’m trying to get clarity,ideas,understanding regarding overcoming the overwhelm and having a great balance each day so that I and many others can live productive,meaningful,happy lives. I hope this brief post makes sense and that you’ll share advice. Also if any of you would like me to do posts on specific topics then O would be happy. Being GeneralGrace you can expect me to have open mind regarding topics and using my unique plethora of accumulated knowledge,wisdom,experiences,skills,thoughts,challenges,practices,reading,researching,revising,improving,watching,listening,expressing,healing,writing, over the years I am somewhat a life pro! Lots of love. GeneralGrace 🙂 


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