To Do Lists

Hello lovely readers!

This is another spontaneous, unplanned short post which I feel compelled to type right now even though in all honesty I’m very depressed to say the least!

I make to do lists (almost) every day. It’s a habit. Whether it’s a few minutes/hours before midnight or at stupid o’clock (it is mostly the latter). Regardless of how unsuccessful my past & present, each time I write these lists I bravely believe in the possibility of success!

I’m still severely struggling to get by everyday(not explaining the home and health and horror issues) including not having a job despite thousands of applications (I’ve been rejected so many times but I still try again everyday) and not getting replies from anyone (even the places I’ve applied to volunteer at) etc!

However today being another failed day (which last night/early morning I had visualized as going to be successful as I do everyday) I am having the repetitive thought again of whether I should even bother making to do lists. It is increasingly disheartening when at the end of the day I review my lists and I rarely check off more than 3 goals, not even the seemingly basic things!

Believe it or not I am a very ambitious individual but as the days go by and the twisted challenges get worse I question many things. Also I can be an optimistic (shock) person but reality hits me hard!

Don’t worry I won’t go into detail but you should know that I have spent (wasted) at least 7 years of my life (and I continue to unintentionally do so among many other unproductive stupidity) researching and reading countless books, articles, attempting to get help from others etc in an effort to live a life to be proud of. Well as you guessed it hasn’t payed off and I am helpless!

OK so most of this probably doesn’t makes sense and now I don’t know where I’m going with this and my mad mind is plagued with crap!

I’m interested to know what your thoughts are on to do lists and any suggestions,advice, support etc!

Also tell me what kind of things would you prefer to read about (literally suggest anything to me within obvious limitations) and I will try my best to post better content!

Thanks for reading!

Love General Grace x


2 thoughts on “To Do Lists

  1. Hey lovebug! Whatever you’re going through, just know you’re not alone. I’ve been a lot myself, but in the end everything falls back to pieces and makes sense. I hope whatever you want, you find.
    And don’t think too much, just write what comes to your mind. Happy blogging!

    Cheers xx

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