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image Hi guys hope you are well 🙂

So this is a review of the bareminerals original foundation which I bought last year after having already tried the matte formula.

The shade I went for is golden medium – that was shade I also used for the matte and it was the only one anywhere near my skin tone from the shade range.

I definitely prefer this formula to the matte as it suits my complexion better and it looks more natural. I have applied it using different brushes but through a lot of experimenting I’ve found that the real techniques expert face brush is the one that works best from the collection of brushes that I have.

It takes a longer time to build up this foundation and I would not recommend it for full coverage especially using alone with out the help of other products. I would say it provides light to medium coverage but I suppose full coverage could be achieved (somehow with effort). I suggest applying it in layers to get a decent coverage rather than all at once which is definitely not recommended (trust me I have tried). The steps are simple but if you’re new to mineral foundations, in particular bare minerals, then it may take you a little while to get accustomed to applying it. ‘Swirl,Tap,Buff’ is literally the way to go with this foundation and there’s not much further to add really. It does not aggravate my skin which is sensitive and so that is a winner in my books. When I wear it I always hope for the claims to be true that it improves skin. To be honest I have not noticed any improvement in my skin condition from using this but I’m still continuing to use and maybe it will magically work.

I do like the packaging as I think it’s cleverly designed and easy to use. If you’re traveling, the ‘click,lock,go’ system of the jar should assure you that you will avoid spillage or such damage. You get 8g which personally I don’t think is enough for the price but it’s okay in comparison to other products I suppose. I have payed £25 each before when I used to buy the matte at Debenhams but when I decided to try the original I searched online and discovered the website lookfantastic where I was surprised to find they retail the original for a lower price (at the moment it’s £17.50).

Overall I think this is one of the best types of makeup for any skin type because it is one of the more skin friendly brands on the market. If you are interested in giving this a go here is a link to buy it

I hope this brief review helped and if you have any further questions let me know! 🙂

Thanks for reading!

GeneralGrace x


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