Versatile Blogger Award you to the lovely Izzy for kindly nominating me for this award! I’ve never been nominated for anything in my life so this was truly such a pleasant surprise! I am grateful! Go & follow her fantastic blog here:

7 Random Things About Me 0_0

1) I am in a process of self improvement…

2) My hobbies include learning,reading,writing,drawing,blogging,tweeting,singing,thinking etc – like creative things you know?…

3) I’ve never been on a holiday but I aspire to travel in the future…

4) I would describe myself as an ‘ambivert’ (a mixture of introversion & extroversion)…

5) I have so many goals…

6) I’m not really sure if I know how to blog but I spontaneously decide to post anyway…

7) I also feel the need to be secretive about my blogging & other social networking & other pursuits etc in fear of others however I do believe in following your passions no matter what…

(I am weird beyond explanation – I really struggled to pick only a few & limit my rambling so I had to settle with just any 7 quick boring things but I hope I’m not annoying :D)

15 Bloggers I am nominating

All the best of wishes!

GeneralGrace  x


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