Nivea Pure & Natural Facial Cleansing Wipes



imageSo I’m blogging about wipes…enjoy!Whenever brands making wipes claim to have ingredients such as argan oil and aloe vera etc included I’m not convinced however I generally trust Nivea products so I decided to use them.

I’m definitely not someone who always relies solely on facial wipes to remove makeup but I do think they are an excellent step to remove a good amount of makeup & are very useful when used alone and/or as part of a routine when removing makeup (I will probably do posts in the future about my complex skincare by the way).

These are moist, good sized, medium wipes of 25. I don’t notice any harsh smells but only a pleasant, light aroma.They’re soft which is good as it doesn’t require too much tugging which can happen with they do feel soothing (good for those of us with sensitive skin).

The packaging, as images show (the fresh wipe is folded so don’t worry it’s not that smaller than the packet size, is the basic with the sticker plastic sealing, which isn’t the best for prevent wipes from drying out quickly even when carefully pressed down after each use; personally I prefer wipe packaging that has the plastic flap that clicks open and close as these provide more protection to the wetness of the wipes – but I suppose you can’t always expect much for paying under £3 for wipes nowadays (but I know it’s definitely possible to find great products inexpensively).

Overall I like these and would use them again. They are sold for £2 at Boots, perhaps less/more at other places, if you are interested in buying these.I recommend them as they are a decent price & not bad quality.

This is one of my first skincare based reviews/posts so please let me know what you think of this & other posts of mine, if you’d like me to post about particular skincare/makeup/beauty items, or have any questions/advice/suggestions etc. Hope I’ve helped!

General Grace x


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