Wahoo! Happy New Year! Wow! 2015! A perfect year according to astrologers because 2+0+1+5=8, which represents infinity…

But perhaps not for everyone including myself. Unfortunately I had a very distressing to say the least beginning to the new year through no fault of my own. I am disappointed of course but it is out of my control. That is all I will type for now because, let’s face it, no one cares!

However today (it’s currently 00:17 as I type ) I decided yet again to start afresh like I have done every single day. I am still in the process of healing obviously but I will try my best to be as positive as possible. If you like me have not had a particularly great start to the year let this be a reminder that it is not too late to forgive and move on.

Like billions of others around the world I have made resolutions – too many probably. The point is we all deserve to live our best lives and that includes achieving our ambitions, believing in better and proving our potential!

So in this short but sweet post I would like to raise an internet toast – Best wishes to all everywhere – May this year bring more peace to lives across the globe!

Love GeneralGrace!


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