Social Network Addiction

There’s really not much I am currently able to summarise about this so all you need to know is that there is such thing as social network addiction and I definitely have an unhealthy addiction. I feel compelled to check my accounts multiple times an hour never mind how much I spend in front of screen daily.

Although I don’t have a big following at all I still want to know everything that is going on and sometimes I find out too much about things I don’t particularly want to know about. It can become highly depressing not to mention extremely mortifying to know how much of my life is wasted being unproductive.

My intentions are always ambitious though. I like to focus on the positive aspects of social networks. No one even messages me but I hope that because I am not giving up I will make contacts through social networks. So many people have made a living through social networks and I always think if they can do it I too should be able to do it…


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