Nivea Daily Essentials Oil Free Moisturising Day Cream

2014-09-21 16.00.25

2014-09-21 16.00.42

Hi! In case you’re wondering my skin is combination/problematic/sensitive etc. I’ve suffered from severe acne as well as other skin related issues for more than 8 years and that is all I will say about that on this review. So this is a product I’ve bought and used a few times but I have mixed thoughts about it. This is defintely one of the cheapest skincare products ( I will not get into the extent of the years of wasted money, time, effort on skincare alone etc on this post)I have bought and used. Also Nivea is a tried and trusted brand so why not. It’s currently retailing at £3.99 at Boots btw.The number one thing that drew my attention towards this product is that it claims to be oil free. I don’t always go for oil free products despite having bad skin but I know they are often safer for acne prone skin. The packaging is basic which I prefer. It’s just a tube which you squeeze not much explanation needed. The colours which are dominantly teal/blue/turquoise and white enhance the fresh description of the product such as the ocean algae. 50ml may seem too little for it’s price but it’s decent.  So probably enough about the packaging onto the actual product itself and it’s performance on my particular skin. It’s a light feeling cream that is easily absorbed into the skin once applied. It feels cooling and hydrating immediately. That’s about it for the good things. I think perhaps there’s probably a few moe but cannot think of them at present.It doesn’t really moisturise my skin all that much. My skin is not oily but only ever so slightly shiny especially the nose and usually feels dehydrated after cleansing. Btw this doesn’t look bad or obvious on the skin. This cream doesn’t help with dry patches on the face. In fact the moisturising element seems to stop and disappear withing half an hour of applying it. I wouldn’t recommend this for makeup wearers like myself who have combination to dry skinbecause it’s not a good base especially without a primer. I’ve used this on makeup free days and even then it doesn’t perform so well. I don’t find any kind of overpowering scent to this product just a slight generic moisturiser one which I actually don’t mind. As someone with a lot of experience with varieties of skincare I honestly think this moisturiser depends upon individual skin types and textures. For me it’s not the worst but also not the best. Saying that I still return to buying and using it quite a lot so obviously I don’t hate it. Bear in mind I have the most sensitive of skins and this product does not aggravate it in any way so that’s another plus. For under £5, if you’re considering getting it, I’d say it’s definitely worth a try. I hope this helped. This is my first blog post on a beauty product. If you have any questions or suggestions do let me know. I appreciate you taking the time to view this. Thanks in advance. Love and Peace. x


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