Job Rejections >:(

Yet again I failed to get past the phone interview stage of a job application, this time for Debenhams as a sales advisor, and am very dissapointed. I’ve been rejected from getting jobs countless times over the last few years. I never give up though. The truth is I’m desperate and determined. I’ve never had a a paid job and I’m a few weeks away from being 19. I do get angry when I see and hear and read of much younger people than me, ie 14 years old still in school, getting well paid jobs part time and being able to pay for their own things. I’ve volunteered regularly and although it is rewarding in that I feel I’m helping others, in this economy and as a young person I need the money to enable me to do the things I want so I apply for jobs, a lot. I regularly check and update my C.V and cover letter before applying for each job. I email and call them back to demand to know why I didn’t get the job and how I could improve but they don’t even bother replying. I hate being unproductive and am always trying to keep myself busy and get things done. Most of the time, if not all the time, I fail miserably, but atleast I try. Selfishness is not a trait I like to link to myself but I must stress that the reality is that money is a necessity in order to survive for a person like me. I contribute to society in any way I can for example through volunteering etc but I’m worried abut the impacts of no money for me. I understand if this may be a silly post on my blog but I wonder if people out there understand. I want to be independent and happy and proud etc. This, what I’ve experienced and experiencing, is not ideal to say the least. I hate my life at the moment to be very frank. I don’t enjoy being fully reliant on my parents for the little money they have but the government doesn’t care about disadvantaged people like me. If anyone cares, please pray for me so that I get paid jobs and can become more successful. I would honestly be so grateful. Anyway this is probably pointless but maybe other people out there who are facing a similar situation may sympathize. So if you know how I can materialise the miracles please do let me know. I’m anxious and angry as usual. Disregard any grammatical or similar mistakes. I am being spontaneous. I am a human. I am not a robot. Have a great day people. Love and Peace x


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