International Day Of Peace?!

Unfortunately for me it certainly has not been a day of peace, unsurprisingly! It’s been unproductive and unsuccessful etc. I really do try my best but obviously efforts aren’t paying off. I promised to be really honest on this blog and I will. I suffer from a plethora of issues and just a few include anxiety & depression among many other psychological disorders. The reality is I have to deal with it. Most people probably don’t want to read about my complaints so I’m not going to go into any detail but it’s a constant battle to say the least. As I struggle to sleep being the troubled insomniac I am I was awake in the early hours of today and thought about the concept of peace. I would love to leave a legacy in this world but I first have to sort out myself. I find I’m worsening each day rather than improving. I write and type plenty all the time. I made stupid mistakes yet again. I got upset. I don’t sense any progress but if anything is slowly happening like a root beneath the soil then it’s sure taking it’s sweet time. My spirit is very contradictory; for e.g I am both hopeless and hopeful. Anyway I’m new to blogging so even though it may be pointless I just thought I’d share this with anyone who might actually read it. I believe each day should be peaceful not just one day a year. May you all be blessed with an abundance of magic. Love and Peace! x


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